lasem #3: ceramic tiles factory house

IMG01315-20120404-1224remember that house with the jane austen’s kind of backyard in my lasem series post? a house that just transfer you to a different time. this house is known as the ceramic tiles factory (pabrik tegel) where they still sell the old vintage ceramic tiles. the factory itself still running although not like in their heighten days in the past. the owner’s family still lives around the place and pretty happy to let strangers like us wander to admire their house vintage beauty.

it is one of lasem hidden secret. a little vintage gem of the north java coast. i always have a thing for old pretty things such as this antique house :)

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progo: the ceramic and enamel heaven of jogja



progo classic enamel collection

like always, i was suppose to look for a smaller rice cooker because our old ones are too big for us two and the rice keep on drying and cracking overnight. but of course i can’t help myself (who will?) to pass the ceramic area of progo store. and that little heaven started to drain my wallet. not to mention the enamel section where they have new stock. oh dear, the only thing that was holding me not to pick up every beautiful stuff i found, was my little running boy all over the alleys.

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delhi #1: hauz khas village – vintage store

one of the intriguing place in south of new delhi is the hauz khas village. it is known for an old village (old apartments and flats) where it become the center for art since the 70s. because in delhi we also stay nearby at a friend’s place in hauz khas main, we go to their restaurant a lot too. this complex is also surrounding a lake. i love how the alleys and tunnel of this place. i might do another post later on hauz khas. they have nice fancy restaurant, art gallery and artsy stores, remind me of kemang area somehow, but it feels more rustic and got this underground feeling to it. this post is dedicated to my friend tarlen and ika. specifically on the vintage store i found where i know it would be their heaven when it was too for me. enjoy and of course coming surprise from the place for you girls :)

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