Bogor: Hometown Street Food Series #1

2013-01-13 14.11.45Gedung Dalem street food stalls

I was back at my hometown Bogor last weekend. Despite the short trip, I manage to get parts of my craving on hometown cuisine. I might as well would do some series in my short trips to Bogor every now and again. Anyway, like always, Bogor always, ALWAYS rain! It’s the famous rain city of the archipelago after Pontianak, second highest rate in this country.

All of people coming to Bogor always hunt for the famous Asinan Gedung Dalem (basically pickle) and Roti Unyil Venus (small cute bread in various of flavor and toppings). The asinan divide into two types, the fruity sweet ones and the semi salty vegetable ones. I like the fruit ones the best. I would not post about those two famous things here. But I would post about the Gedung Dalem street food just in front of the Asinan Gedung Dalem stores.

2013-01-13 14.05.31People trying to decide to get the many foods in this crammed stalls

Before they move to a newer building and having a few branch in the city, this area is famous for their traffic jam in the weekend, because everyone and everybody crammed for buying the famous asinan. The traffic jam lessen in this area now, although Bogor is still packed with weekenders from Jakarta every bloody weekend.

Anyway, basically the street food stall in front of the store made to be a small alley, despite the rain do sit and enjoy the varieties food that they offer here. Here’s are my favorites from the area:

2013-01-13 14.10.18Lumpia Basah Gedung Dalem

This is my old time favorite and also my mother, I usually buy the one on the right corner stall. Despite there are options of buying fried ones, the specialty of this place to offer is the wet lumpia (springroll) or famously known as Lumpia Basah Gedung Dalem. Per piece is only 7000 IDR. Served hot with their own sambal. The guy made the filling, stir fry on the spot with fresh bamboo shots, eggs, dry shrimp, garlic, tofu, bean sprouts. Super delicious, wrap with soft spring roll skin and banana leaves. A delicious treat!

2013-01-13 17.05.27Wet Springroll, still warm!

While going just across the street, you will find RM Sisca. This small restaurant is famous for their Nasi Pepes Ayam. It is basically rice steam with coconut milk, chicken, jambal dry fish, indonesian basil, chilies, petai (stink beans), wrapped in banana leaves. The sambal here is special too. Trust me you will finish two portion in one go.

2013-01-13 15.34.41
2013-01-13 15.35.35Best with sambal!

As a child I always love when my family made the nutmeg syrup. That’s why I lurvveeeee the ice nutmeg syrup they have and serve with slices of the nutmeg fruit! The yummiest thing ever :D And yeah, in Gedung Dalem stalls they come with other variety such as Mango and Soursoup.

2013-01-13 14.05.08Nutmeg, mango, sour soup ice drinks

Another area for famous street food is the Kesatuan alley via Suryakencana street. I’ll take more picture next time, but here is a little peek on the famous ice nutmeg sellers of this street. It’s one of the best in town!

Bogor Selatan-20120519-00010
Bogor Selatan-20120519-00011Nutmeg slices in nutmeg syrup, the best in a hot day!

The Social Traveler on Indonesia Featuring Cokiliciouz

I know him since I was 16 and I finally met him when I was 23. We crossed path along the way, but we finally met in Yogyakarta. After long emails on Pablo Neruda poems, of Garcia Lorca and all the long listed favorite authors that we are both crazy with.

I come to Yogyakarta when he left. We met accidentally seven years later, not recognizing each other over beers and bilingual conversation. He thought I was Japanese and I never thought that he was Coki. He cut his famous dreadlocks by then and time changes our expectation.

Through time he become one of my great friend, part of my soul mates, my brother and the trusted uncle to my son. He is my partner in crime of the twitter timeline in making people drown with melancholia by posting the lines of our favorite poet, Pablo Neruda. We share recipes because we both love cooking. Though he complain that I never cooked for him yet and when we met it always the other way around. He is one of the amazing cook that I ever know.

I love how his tattoos grow. His amazing personalities, heart and his personal bluntness on every single thing. Above all, I’m a big fan of his works, all his writings and documentaries (click the youtube links and you will know why). Something did not change since I was 16, and my brother, Coki, happy belated birthday :)

With this video of his, it reminds me that it is so hard to not fall in love with this country. And when you did, it is so hard to keep on loving it.

Gunung Kidul: The Sacred Beach of Ngobaran

P1050968Bowing towards the sea from Ngobaran beach

She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing “yes” into the sky. ~ Monique Duval

Entering the last month of 2012, somehow made me reflect a lot. The above quote is a summary of about how I feel this year. Those quote somehow remind me of the feeling when I arrived in Ngobaran beach. I had my first trip to Ngobaran beach with Patrick and Pak Moko. We passed the hilly roads of Gunungkidul which had that certain melancholic view, crossing the teak forest and all. Ngobaran, the word come from both Javanese and Indonesian “Kobar”. “Kobar” means flame, “ngobaran” means in flame.

The place itself believed by the local as the place where the last Hindu king from Majapahit kingdom, Brawijaya V, immolated himself to death. Some believe he is “moksa” (vanish into enlightenment). The official story which I read in the morning of the government tourism sign, was a little odd myth. It is said that the last king had two wives, they were being chased by new ruler from Demak, which are no other than one of his son, Raden Patah. Before he immolate himself he asked the two wives a question “How much is your love to me?” His second wife, Dewi Lowati, said her love is as big as the mountain. While his first wife, Bondang Surati answer that her love is like a dirty nail, where when she cut it, it will always grow. Realizing that his second wife love is lesser than the first one, he pulled Dewi Lowati to burn with him into the fire.

Although there are many tales around about the death of Brawijaya V, I found this quite intriguing. Not to mention, the surrounding temple complex. A sacred pura (temple) with Balinese style undergoing a renovation. A new looking candi recently build by the Kraton. A sacred petilasan of Brawijaya V, with wooden huts on top of the highest cliff point towards the sea. A temple build exclusively to the South Sea Queen. Caves. A mosque facing the south and next to a lingga. The diversity of beliefs in this place make it one of the favorite sacred spot for many people coming here.

IMG00660-20120917-1718A new recently build candi

P1050955Temple complex and above the hill is the petilasan

P1050980The mosque and the lingga


Sea urchin stir fry, high protein!

Magnificent sunset from above the petilasan. Sleep under the stars by the candi. Hearing the waves all night long. Eating stir fry sea urchin of local specialty with rice and hot sambal. Entering a cave that rain from the inside. Those were the things you could do while in Ngobaran. Do things with respect because you could felt the sacred sense of this place no matter you believe the myth or not.

IMG00663-20120917-1726The magical sunset of Ngobaran

I really could stay up in Ngobaran once again, just to make it another sanctuary when I need to write my own language. Where the nature, spirit and self talked as one.

kintamani: lakeview – freshness from home

P1050612terong belanda (tamarillo) and orange homemade ice cream of lakeview resto – kintamani

i would recommend anyone going to kintamani to see the batur mountain and the lake, to take a stop here. either for lunch or dinner, some herbal tea in a cold afternoon is always good.

staying at lakeview hotel and having the dining experience here, you can’t help to feel the familiarity in every bites. the sweetness, the spice and the homemade feeling of everything. not to mention the freshest salad ever made by the manager himself, kadek khrisna adidharma, freshly picked from their own garden. cakes and cookies are fresh from the oven and it is good with their special herbal tea.

i can’t help to feel the tranquil feeling when i saw the view from the dining area. eating should be a beautiful ritual like this. in kintamani, eating among the mountain view and misty lake. you know life has been good and would always will be.

P1050619tamarillo jam with banana pancake, lakeview resto – kintamani

P1050628best salad ever!

P1050631fish satay, lakeview resto – kintamani

P1050643buffet pick from the local range of food, lakeview resto – kintamani

sahur recipe: spicy tauco tofu


easy peasy recipe is a must in the sahur time of the ramadhan month. despite i’m not a moslem, i always like the idea of fasting. this is a recipe i made in sahur time (2-3 AM, the ungodly hours of cooking time). it’s fast and definitely tasty.

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my most comfort food: chicken porridge chinese peranakan style


the legend said that a bowl of this chicken porridge could rise someone from the death. well, at least that is what my friends said after eating this porridge. it makes many of the pregnant mothers friend crave. one of them even have to wait for me coming back from india and making this for her only. and yes, because of the special request of another awaiting mom to be, i post this recipe.

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indian love #2: food

P1030321bengali cuisine: befun bhaja, dry matar, gobindo bhog rice, chicken kosha, chhna malai kofta – unbox

i always have a thing with indian food, has been having a crazy craving on them and whenever they are available i always have them. being in india is like being in that food heaven you dream of. every single day that we spend were such a culinary trip. we didn’t even had the time to take pictures of the food we are eating as we already munch them down. and they are too good so we completely forget about taking pictures. this post are the things that survive and all of them worth to remember.

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weekend recipe: kalasan style fried chicken + eggplant tempe green chili curry + ginger flower sambal


i guess yesterday i was totally a #bancidapur. my son current obsession with ayam goreng (fried chicken) made me try different recipes of various type indonesian fried chicken. i try this recipe for ayam kalasan, basically modified it a bit by adding more spices. ayam kalasan is originally from kalasan area in sleman, yogyakarta. having that it has the typical jogja taste, sweet and savory. the chicken is fully cooked with coconut milk until it become very tasty and then fried.

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weekend recipe: tempe basil chicken mince + chicken liver in sweet soya sauce


tempe basil chicken mince is a modified recipe from here. you just add the mince chicken along with the mince tempe. you could add slices of hot chili or chili powder if you want them hot. the chicken really add the flavor this time :) was feeling a little bit thai food craving so i made them the thai style.

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