Home @ Kertamulia

HOME at Kertamulia, is a co-space project started with Anggi Frisca in 2014 which turn an abandoned old Balinese house to a home stay where creative folks can share their space, skills and ideas. In April 2015, Hanny Kusumawati, Windy Ariestanty, Eva Muchtar, Olivia Sonya Aresta and Nancy Natalia decided to join the venture. This seven girls now shared their own private rooms up for rent when they are from Bali. Our public spaces are still developing and open for workshop or other creative collaborations.

HOME is located exactly between Sanur and Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Its a strategic place to know the local cultural fusion with the more globalized touristic part of Sanur. This interesting mixture make our creative space fully recharged with inspirations and ideas, network and other possibilities.

HOME at Kertamulia has 5 room up to rent: daily, weekly and monthly. Contact us at: home.kertamulia@gmail.com or +62 8111 999 789

You can also follow our instagram: @homekertamulia to see our progress and the activities in our HOME.

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