Creative Entrepreneurship



In February 2015, she developed a product brand called Banyuripan. Now focussing in natural holistic self care products such as Moonsalt (bath salt), natural deodorant and developing more natural goodness to come. In September 2018, Banyuripan production share a workshop and space at Nitiprayan 130 in Yogyakarta.

BANYURIPAN Earth, a long personal project of her will commence in 2020 at Bangunjiwo, Yogyakarta.



In February 2016, with Dyah Soemarno, she used to run and co-owned a small local eatery called Warung Kita Jogja, at Nitiprayan 110 in Yogyakarta. The food were locally resources, garden to table and exploring all the cooking and processing possibilities from tropical food forest produces based on permaculture principles. In April 2018, Wahyudi Tanjung Raupp join the venture as another partner.

This venture ended in April 2019. All process can be seen and documented in @warungkitajogja IG account.

Reviews and Articles of WARUNGKITAJOGJA:

  1. Lokalvora “Cerita Pangan & Warung” – DAAI TV – 22 Desember 2017

2.  Earth Hero Eps. 2: Konsep Warung Sustainable & Minim Sampah ala Warung Kita Jogja – Sustaination – 27 September 2018

Video and Documentation:

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