The Social Traveler on Indonesia Featuring Cokiliciouz

I know him since I was 16 and I finally met him when I was 23. We crossed path along the way, but we finally met in Yogyakarta. After long emails on Pablo Neruda poems, of Garcia Lorca and all the long listed favorite authors that we are both crazy with.

I come to Yogyakarta when he left. We met accidentally seven years later, not recognizing each other over beers and bilingual conversation. He thought I was Japanese and I never thought that he was Coki. He cut his famous dreadlocks by then and time changes our expectation.

Through time he become one of my great friend, part of my soul mates, my brother and the trusted uncle to my son. He is my partner in crime of the twitter timeline in making people drown with melancholia by posting the lines of our favorite poet, Pablo Neruda. We share recipes because we both love cooking. Though he complain that I never cooked for him yet and when we met it always the other way around. He is one of the amazing cook that I ever know.

I love how his tattoos grow. His amazing personalities, heart and his personal bluntness on every single thing. Above all, I’m a big fan of his works, all his writings and documentaries (click the youtube links and you will know why). Something did not change since I was 16, and my brother, Coki, happy belated birthday :)

With this video of his, it reminds me that it is so hard to not fall in love with this country. And when you did, it is so hard to keep on loving it.

local findings #1

there are a lot of reason for me to stay and live in yogyakarta. one of them is the growing availability of fantastic local products.

kejora natural body products

i’ve continuing using this organic shampoo, apple and jasmine, they’re fantastic with my short hair. i can’t stand not to wash my hair everyday. but using chemical shampoo, i found that my hair becoming too dry. this one is perfect and no harm to my scalp. i want to try their organic clear soap too. more review on this later on.

actually there is one brand i particularly like, i really love their organic soap and other green products. would take more pictures and review them next time. always run out and used before i had the chance to photograph them.

gudeg-in-can bu tjitro

one day my friend, gentur, bring this gudeg-in-can for me. i was in disbelief founding such local product. i tried it the next day. it was okay, pretty convenient for people going overseas and longing for gudeg. one can for one portion. cause i’m living in yogya, i prefer the real one :D

the “monggo” belgian chocolate & boyolali mozarella cheese

you just have to love chocolate and cheese. the most exciting and best quality of these products are that they’re locally made:) and to add it: affordable. “monggo” chocolate is made from kotagede, had been around for ages and have a great taste:) i haven’t try the cheese, but it’s cheaper and less carbon foot print. would make a pizza then:)

more too come XD i love living in yogya :)

mie sahabat – yun sin



i always love noodles. especially this type of noodle. and bogor, where i grew up had some specialities in this type of noodle. many people called it just mie ayam/mie ayam jakarta/mie yamin. i remember when i was still vegetarian, i even crave this and made the topping from silken tofu with lots of green onions, you can check the recipe here.

anyway, i grew up eating this mie yun sin. it was located near my school, so it was such a treat when my parents picked me up from school and have lunch there. now they modified they marketing technique, packaging and opening branches in our local malls in the city. i was excited to have it close by in the nearest mall near my place in bogor. you could pick a salty noodles (regular) or sweet noodles). their fish meatballs are also very good. i also like their meatball tofu soup. their tauco sambal are one of the best in the world. please do visit them when you’re in town. you’ll never regret it.

we found our little garden


i’ve been having regular baking session at the house especially on the weekends. i’ve been falling in love with baking and enjoying great times eating what we baked with my best friends. this baking things has been happening for quiet some time and yes, i do start selling my baked goods. thought i’m still looking for prospective cafe’s or friends place/events to sell them.

one day, my friend megan found a cool new cafe. it’s called garden juice. we fall in love with the place from the beginning and had a baking session together at my place with the owner of the place. we made some cheddar and onions scones plus the famous cookie monster cheesecake. it turn out good!







the juice in this place is measured perfectly and with great healthy combination. it’s one of the place in yogya that have such a nice concept, vision and mission to have a better way of living. they’re very open with changes and also opinions from customers. so no wonder we always be back again. there is always like a new spirit or some renew feeling every time i visit this place.

garden juice is such a nice place and a little sanctuary in the middle of city hecticness of yogyakarta northern area. it’s our place to escape. very nice crew they have there and when i’m back from jakarta at the end of november, we’ll start to support to do some baking for them. so please, check out their place or follow them @gardenjuice

bring your friends and loves one, bring your own food and have a nice picnic in the garden:)


note: my favorite above is not too late (mix of fresh orange, locally picked, yoghurt and milk, with extra pulpy texture, great stuff!)