Bogor: Hometown Street Food Series #1

2013-01-13 14.11.45Gedung Dalem street food stalls

I was back at my hometown Bogor last weekend. Despite the short trip, I manage to get parts of my craving on hometown cuisine. I might as well would do some series in my short trips to Bogor every now and again. Anyway, like always, Bogor always, ALWAYS rain! It’s the famous rain city of the archipelago after Pontianak, second highest rate in this country.

All of people coming to Bogor always hunt for the famous Asinan Gedung Dalem (basically pickle) and Roti Unyil Venus (small cute bread in various of flavor and toppings). The asinan divide into two types, the fruity sweet ones and the semi salty vegetable ones. I like the fruit ones the best. I would not post about those two famous things here. But I would post about the Gedung Dalem street food just in front of the Asinan Gedung Dalem stores.

2013-01-13 14.05.31People trying to decide to get the many foods in this crammed stalls

Before they move to a newer building and having a few branch in the city, this area is famous for their traffic jam in the weekend, because everyone and everybody crammed for buying the famous asinan. The traffic jam lessen in this area now, although Bogor is still packed with weekenders from Jakarta every bloody weekend.

Anyway, basically the street food stall in front of the store made to be a small alley, despite the rain do sit and enjoy the varieties food that they offer here. Here’s are my favorites from the area:

2013-01-13 14.10.18Lumpia Basah Gedung Dalem

This is my old time favorite and also my mother, I usually buy the one on the right corner stall. Despite there are options of buying fried ones, the specialty of this place to offer is the wet lumpia (springroll) or famously known as Lumpia Basah Gedung Dalem. Per piece is only 7000 IDR. Served hot with their own sambal. The guy made the filling, stir fry on the spot with fresh bamboo shots, eggs, dry shrimp, garlic, tofu, bean sprouts. Super delicious, wrap with soft spring roll skin and banana leaves. A delicious treat!

2013-01-13 17.05.27Wet Springroll, still warm!

While going just across the street, you will find RM Sisca. This small restaurant is famous for their Nasi Pepes Ayam. It is basically rice steam with coconut milk, chicken, jambal dry fish, indonesian basil, chilies, petai (stink beans), wrapped in banana leaves. The sambal here is special too. Trust me you will finish two portion in one go.

2013-01-13 15.34.41
2013-01-13 15.35.35Best with sambal!

As a child I always love when my family made the nutmeg syrup. That’s why I lurvveeeee the ice nutmeg syrup they have and serve with slices of the nutmeg fruit! The yummiest thing ever :D And yeah, in Gedung Dalem stalls they come with other variety such as Mango and Soursoup.

2013-01-13 14.05.08Nutmeg, mango, sour soup ice drinks

Another area for famous street food is the Kesatuan alley via Suryakencana street. I’ll take more picture next time, but here is a little peek on the famous ice nutmeg sellers of this street. It’s one of the best in town!

Bogor Selatan-20120519-00010
Bogor Selatan-20120519-00011Nutmeg slices in nutmeg syrup, the best in a hot day!

6 thoughts on “Bogor: Hometown Street Food Series #1”

  1. Yum!!!! Love trying new foods like this in Indonesia. Bogor sounds like Bandung on the weekend. Macet total because of all the cars from Jakarta. :)

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