suroloyo: the place of the gods

IMG00644-20120914-1011the view of suroloyo and menoreh valley

“god and asia alone have been able to create such pleasures as words cannot describe – like the mystical hymn of two hearts locked in their vivid embrace.” – honore de balzac (my journey from paris to java)

in the wayang tales and legend, suroloyo is always mention as the place of the gods. as often mention in the punakawan stories, that semar often goes to suroloyo back and forward as a messenger and also negotiator with the gods.

you can see the top of four mountains in different direction: merapi, merbabu, sindoro and sumbing from suroloyo. aside as a meditation places from many local javanese legends and historical events, the magical silent of this place will transfer you to a different time.

being in suroloyo last week, with pak moko, mas patrick and JP was an enlightening experience. both pak moko and patrick also manage a blog on javanese wisdom and healing (do check them out if you want to find out more on the topic). as maybe i am 1/4 of javanese that i’m consisting genetically from my father side, my decision to go back to jogja nearly eleven years ago is basically to trace my roots.

tracing back means respecting your ancestors, paying respect to them in doing their rituals inherit from the ancient time, learning the lineage and the cultural value behind it. often these things including being among the kretek chain smokers and listening to the tales from our elderly such as pak wachid from suroloyo, collecting water from sacred sites such as the widodaren spring or just watching sunset on top of suroloyo, seeing how the mist envelop slowly from time to time the cities lights from above looks like one starry night. or just basically spending a kliwon night in your own silence of a little journey inside.

i wake up in the early morning of suroloyo, be among the magic mist. i did my early morning meditation with JP guidance behind my red yak blanket from dharamsala. high places always move my heart and make me at peace with my own being. and for this trip, i thank the universe for its blessing.

hong wilaheng sekaring bawono langgeng

P1050898suroloyo – bukit menoreh

IMG00641-20120914-1008stairs to the top of suroloyo

P1050911pak wachid explaining the oral history of suroloyo

P1050920waking up early morning in suroloyo

P1050929washing yourself at one of the petilasan in the middle of the forest

P1050926mist clearing up

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