bali: retracing kintamani – batur


batur in a mist

i fall in love again with bali, that’s all i have to say on my nine days stay after not being there the last three years. being in kintamani, seeing the mount batur and batur lake all over again just pour out all the random emotions. that bali is always and always will be my second home.

it’s where i pay respect to my son’s ancestor lineage. where once their richness of culture dazed me and still did. in batur, i reflected the trips of my life. i have to thank jan cornall for inviting to the experience. a little encouragement is always needed.

this place has been giving such a great creative energy. i’m having the push to work more on my fiction work and finding how much i love to do it than anything else in the world. i’m so glad to take this bali trip. that a journey is always about finding yourself and heal.





P1050641batur mountain and lake view 1, 2 & 3 | spring water near the batur lake | view from the side of batur lake

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