summer recipe: passion fruit jam

P1050698passion fruit jam best with bread or vanilla ice cream

how’s your summer? mine has been great, despite the cold weather i experience both in bali and jogjakarta. now i’m in jakarta, having the great shine sun shining, the jakarta heat, early swimming dip and for the first time finding some relaxing time in some hidden sanctuary of south jakarta. maybe even having the time to read some novel (i haven’t done much of that lately). amidst meeting great friends and work stuff. i think i’m rekindle my love-hate relationship with jakarta. this city does bring up a lot of memories.

anyways, some people has been requesting the recipe that would complete you summer mood. markisa (passion fruit) jam. a few days ago i bought some passion fruit at the organic market at milas in jogjakarta (every thursday morning), while taking my son to school there. i bought a kilogram and made the usual recipe of passion fruit jam. the one that i use for this recipe is markisa sayur (the very sour passion fruit type, best for jam and syrup recipe). it fit 3 big bottle of jam (i like to reuse my bought store glasses can) and even an extra bowl for the fresh batch.

passion fruit jam

this recipe is slightly creamy than the usual basic passion fruit jam recipe, because i use butter and egg yolks in this recipe.


1 kg of passion fruit, cut, take out the pulp

1 lemon, squeeze them

750 gram sugar

100 gram of butter (i use my favorite french, elle unsalted butter)

3 egg yolks

3 glass can of jam (big size), sterilized them by bathing them in hot boiled water

how to make:


1. mix the pulp with the sugar. put them in a stainless bow, i just put my stainless bowl inside a large pot, fill water half the bowl height. basically you can just use a boiler.

2. heat the pot, boil the water, mix well the pulp and sugar in the bowl. add the egg yolks, put the butter in until melt. make sure they mix well.

3. stir them well with wooden spoon, put in the lemon water. keep on stirring.  until they become slightly gooey. do the plate test. if i’m not mistaken i was stirring around more or less 45 minutes.

4. remove from pan when they are ready, pour them slowly in the sterilized jam and seal them. keep them in the refrigerator. it will last in a month or so but usually i run this out in 2-3 weeks time.


enjoy them with toast, pancake, pudding and vanilla ice cream. they are a very tangy and sweet variety of jam :D

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