borobudur: the off beaten track


borobudur from the side of a paddy field

maybe for many indonesian, a lot of them already experience borobudur. to experience borobudur is always amazing. but this time, we did borobudur in a very off beaten track. a little bit using imagination and well, non-mainstream ways (meaning jumping fences and going through tunnels, enjoying the tiny walk from waterways and paddyfield). but it was fun to just let your inner child play and a little adrenaline rush, in the surrounding beauty of the one greatest buddhist temple in the world. it does become a very different experience.

taking the road trip by motorcycle often take you a different level of experience in the road across java. i prefer to be in an open space and greeting the nice breeze all the time. the way back to jogjakarta via kulonprogo, is a very greenery and amazing scenes. loving it! i would definitely do this more often :)

thanks to abmi who become our local guide in borobudur and C, who were my partner in crime in this trip.







sunset view from borobudur temple | dusk at the borobudur temple (pretending to be a normal visitor and not getting caught) | borobudur – kulonprogo roadtrip | remains of merapi cold lava in the progo river | view from the progo river bridge – kulonprogo | put a little smile at the end of the trip

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