lasem #3: ceramic tiles factory house

IMG01315-20120404-1224remember that house with the jane austen’s kind of backyard in my lasem series post? a house that just transfer you to a different time. this house is known as the ceramic tiles factory (pabrik tegel) where they still sell the old vintage ceramic tiles. the factory itself still running although not like in their heighten days in the past. the owner’s family still lives around the place and pretty happy to let strangers like us wander to admire their house vintage beauty.

it is one of lasem hidden secret. a little vintage gem of the north java coast. i always have a thing for old pretty things such as this antique house :)

taman ala jane austen period

lampu antik di rumah tua

tegel cantik



tegel2 belanda

foto pabrik tegel the ala jane austen’s yard | vintage lamp and house | series of vintage ceramic tiles 1, 2 and 3 | ceramic tiles from the colonial period | old vintage photo on the factory activity

4 thoughts on “lasem #3: ceramic tiles factory house”

    1. should be. one of the most complete and rich historical site i must say. and one of the most beautiful hidden spots around town and all. it was the leftover of javanese coast civilization sophistication.

      1. lasem – rembang had an amazing megalithic site name terjan. will post it next time. not to mention from the bronze period. first portugese church convert to be the local library center. kartini’s tomb. classic chinese houses and even opium dent. a big buddhist monastery also. oh, not to mention the amazing food! it’s a splendid beauty scattered all over.

        the batik, well, i prefer not to see it right now, cause i would want to buy it. LOL.

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