yogyakarta: the south sea and the memory of beauty

IMG_0543it is 2 am in yogyakarta. i’m making a cup of kahwa (kashmiri style tea) and half done packing my things for my first flight to bali after three long years in a few hours time. the tickle of embarking for another journey always reach you in the stomach. that little butterfly which is near to the feeling of falling in love.

i revisited the southern sea beach area two weeks and a half ago. no camera. no photos. i just want moment and memories. amazing moment and memories did happen. and i felt that i’m washed away in the wave of the southern beach and renew my breath.

i revisit myself. revisit all my journey and the love of the southern beach beauty. i found i still smile at myself. at a period that beauty retains all its meaning. all the sanctuary places always worth to come  again. memories of beauty does not really change.

C, who i shared this journey with said “the best thing in life that we treasure are the moment that we let go of ourselves.” and we happily did.

thank you, C. for sharing the journey, where my memory of beauty healed.







IMG_0561all photos taken back in 2007, all in the southern beach area of yogyakarta

2 thoughts on “yogyakarta: the south sea and the memory of beauty”

    1. ahahahha yang mana, semuanya di deket parangkusumo-parangtritis koq :) agak naik ke atas bukit aja

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