sunrise series: mount merapi

IMG_1099to be honest, i’m a person who can’t really live without seeing mountain. i always felt something is missing in life if i can’t see a mountain in the place that i lived. having a childhood in bogor, west java, surrounded by mountains and spending the last ten years in yogjakarta, i enjoy my morning or afternoon trips seeing the mountain in a clear view kind of day. that very small things is my little happiness.

this sunrise series photo was done back in 2007, before another two major eruption happen to merapi and change its appearance. every four years, i learned to live along with one of the most active volcano in the world. i took the photo in pasar bubrah (we called them the ghost market), my biggest mistake was wearing a regular sneakers (doh!) while climbing the mountains. so i didn’t manage to go on the very top of merapi. though view are still magnificent and dreamy. the sight of merbabu and its surroundings were also one of the greatest mark of this trip. worth the total 12 hours amateur climbing effort.







IMG_1136dreamy sunrise | merbabu in slight sunrise | sunrise from pasar bubrah | view from the top | merapi in two different tone of early sunlight | merbabu from the top of merapi

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