my most comfort food: chicken porridge chinese peranakan style


the legend said that a bowl of this chicken porridge could rise someone from the death. well, at least that is what my friends said after eating this porridge. it makes many of the pregnant mothers friend crave. one of them even have to wait for me coming back from india and making this for her only. and yes, because of the special request of another awaiting mom to be, i post this recipe.

this is actually a modified recipe from my family. our family have this favorite chinese restaurant in cipanas, west java, named sudi mampir (read: come and visit). this sudi mampir speciality is their porridge. because it took 2 hours at least (without the massive traffic jam like nowadays) to reach the place, me and my mother’s craving created our own version of “the sudi mampir porridge”.

their basic is chicken porridge, but it also comes with shrimp, fish and also crab porridge. i visit the place a couple years back, and it is still so good. big portion for IDR 25,000 per bowl (quiet pricey but worth every spoonful).

along of my mother’s illness of cancer in 2004 – 2006, she crave this. i somehow develop my cooking ability through my years living by myself, and perfected this particular porridge recipe. throughout my father illness also he always asked me to make a pot of this porridge for him. after passing so many things, i could say this recipe is the one i keep my memories the most. and i put all my love, sweat and tears every time i cooked them. i always cooked this for my loved ones, best friends and families. it always keep the sick to feel better, stop pregnant mothers from their craving and it actually could beat the flu.

and today, i share it to the world :) enjoy folks!

chicken porridge chinese peranakan style


1 whole free range chicken (ayam kampung), cut to 8 pieces

1-2 cups of rice

1 whole pot of water (usually 1 – 2 litre, depends on which size of pot you use and how much cup of rice you are putting)

5 pieces of garlic, crushed

5 centimeters of ginger, peel and crushed

3 tablespoons of sesame oil

3 tablespoons of thai fish sauce

1/2 cup of chinese cooking wine

green onions, slice thinly

garlic, slice thinly, fried then crushed to small pieces

red onions, slice thinly, fried

how to make:

1. boil together the rice, the whole chicken, crushed garlic and ginger in one pot of water. stir them occasionally.

2. pour in the fish sauce, sesame oil and cooking wine, stir until they form a texture. it usually took less than an hour or so. keep on stirring.

3. the texture of rice porridge can be made as u wish, either it’s light texture (more watery) or a more creamy ones. add water if it’s necessary. keep on stirring until it’s done.

4. i usually put different toppings in my porridge, but my best mix are: put eggyolk from a free range egg (we called them telur ayam kampung) in the serving bowl, pour the hot porridge on top, top with mince chicken (recipe under), fried garlic and onions, fresh green onions and sometimes chicken liver with sweet soya sauce. the boiled chicken in the pot are also great taste to be eaten along :) i usually add chili oil, chili powder, pepper and a bit of salt to taste. mix them and enjoy :)

chicken mince for porridge topping


2 ounces of chicken mince

3 tablespoons of chinese cooking wine

salt and pepper to taste

1 tablespoon of sesame oil

2 pieces of garlic, mince them

how to make:

1. pour in the cooking wine to the mince chicken, put garlic, sesame oil, salt and pepper. mix them. leave them for 15 minutes.

2. stir fry them in a pan with cooking oil, stir them well until slightly golden brown. put them as topping on top of the porridge.

6 thoughts on “my most comfort food: chicken porridge chinese peranakan style”

  1. am drooling bok! diba said she wondered if she could pay you some money so she could come by anytime and eat whatever you’ve just cooked :)))

    1. ahahhahahha, maksudnya catering gitu?:P hwahahhahaha. should we make this tomorrow for brunch kaka?

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