rembang-lasem #1: old antique houses

salah satu rumah antik di rembang

one of the antique chinese house in rembang

i decided to give myself a trip as my 29th birthday present last april. mia, my friend coming from jakarta shared the trip. a single moms getaway journey. we spent three days in rembang-lasem. took an 8 hours trip with travel minivan from yogyakarta. we passed blora also, where the characters of pramoedya ananta toer’s came alive suddenly. picked up by bessy and yoesam, who i haven’t seen for so long and they took us for a tour around the area.

spent the last minutes of my last 28th, near the sea. a calm java sea from the northern coast of lasem. rembang and lasem has their hidden charm, the trip is like opening an ancient scroll of the javanese coast civilization timeline.

this area were highly influence by the chinese peranakan culture. as ancient ports it is a melting pot of many cultural experiences. you could feel this blend in the everyday life in rembang and lasem. and, oh the amazing food! this post on the antique houses are just the beginning.

some of this beautiful antique houses are still in use. some are abandon. some had been there for hundred of years. there is an ex-opium houses with hidden underground tunnel also. a must see place!






IMG02051-20120404-1233most probably pramoedya’s grandmother house in rembang square | door to the 400 years old house | buddha statue at the window | 400 years old house convert to a klenteng – lasem | suddenly back to the jane austen’s time backyard | green antique patio – lasem

3 thoughts on “rembang-lasem #1: old antique houses”

    1. di lasemnya, ga jauh dari kelenteng. tapi private properti :) temenku yang pernah dapet ijin masuk. bisa liat lorong bawah tanahnya yg tembus ke jalur sungai :)

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