indian love #2: food

P1030321bengali cuisine: befun bhaja, dry matar, gobindo bhog rice, chicken kosha, chhna malai kofta – unbox

i always have a thing with indian food, has been having a crazy craving on them and whenever they are available i always have them. being in india is like being in that food heaven you dream of. every single day that we spend were such a culinary trip. we didn’t even had the time to take pictures of the food we are eating as we already munch them down. and they are too good so we completely forget about taking pictures. this post are the things that survive and all of them worth to remember.

our best luck in delhi were that our friends are all crazy foodie. so a culinary trip with them was such a bliss. for many, indian food are not for the weak stomach. but i guess in many typical asian countries, street food are always, and ALWAYS be the best experiences.

for me personally old delhi was such a blast. they have the amazing row of desert and the rows of tandoori chicken near the jama masjid was so inviting. daulat ki chaat is probably one of my favorite desert in the world. karim (a moslem restaurant) in old delhi was so worth remembering. we did try nagaland food too when we were in new delhi. it is somehow a bit similar with southeast asian cuisine. southern indian food in dilli haat where i went with nayana were so savory also. very close to our indonesian taste where they use coconut milk instead of yoghurt.

dharamsala food was a different change from all the spices we had in indian food. and suprisingly the italian food in dharamsala owned by tibetan are actually one of the best. i had the best things with all the desert both in delhi and dharamsala. since i love dim sum, i love the tibetan momos especially because they are much spicier. thukpa (tibetan soup noddles) remind me with bakmi jowo so much. anything chocolate, sweet and cakes in the local bakery worth every penny.

i would say, in india my spice craving and sweet tooth meet their match. for some of this food alone, i would definitely go back to india.

P1040032typical lassi seller with earthen glass – old delhi

P1040026best lassi – old delhi

P1040031one of the best naan – old delhi

P1040030tomato rice – old delhi

P1040066daulat ki chaat (sweet cream, pistaschio + almond, saffron) – old delhi

P1040132kulfi seller – old delhi

P1040130pistachio kulfi ice cream – old delhi

P1040277tibetan momo seller – dharamsala

IMG01685-20120209-1824tibetan momo – dharamsala


our craving for nasi goreng (fried rice) was done here – dharamsala


tibetan spicy chicken – dharamsala

IMG01683-20120209-1802local plum wine – dharamsala

IMG01695-20120211-1440i have to say dharamsala have the best freshest juices and cakes

IMG01721-20120215-0808this homemade chocolate from korean restaurant is the best in the world – dharamsala

IMG01730-20120216-1250where else you can find a beautiful rose gelato? – new delhi

IMG01729-20120216-1249rose, pistachio, berries gelato at india fashion week – new delhi

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