progo: the ceramic and enamel heaven of jogja



progo classic enamel collection

like always, i was suppose to look for a smaller rice cooker because our old ones are too big for us two and the rice keep on drying and cracking overnight. but of course i can’t help myself (who will?) to pass the ceramic area of progo store. and that little heaven started to drain my wallet. not to mention the enamel section where they have new stock. oh dear, the only thing that was holding me not to pick up every beautiful stuff i found, was my little running boy all over the alleys.

progo, which i always known is a store where you basically can get all your household needs and at their cheapest prices. they have been there since i moved to jogja ten years ago. and they just move to a whole new three stories building that basically have everything, just next door to melia purosani. and omigod, their kitchen utensils area is always the most devilish area for a ceramic lover like moi.

the most expensive thing was the enamel tea pot, around $4, the rest of the enamel was under $1. the ceramic all under $2.5, and those cute italian classic glass jar around $2 each. blissful eh?

so this is what i ended up with:






P1040986the little enamel mug pick up by bhumy | enamel plate to die for | ceramic present for diba | batik pattern on a ceramic plate | color my summer plate | can’t wait to put it in use | spices in jars

got the rice cooker thing with extra beauties to bring home. forgot to actually get a food cover that i need. more reason to go back for another temptation?

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