weekend recipe: tempe basil chicken mince + chicken liver in sweet soya sauce


tempe basil chicken mince is a modified recipe from here. you just add the mince chicken along with the mince tempe. you could add slices of hot chili or chili powder if you want them hot. the chicken really add the flavor this time :) was feeling a little bit thai food craving so i made them the thai style.

chicken liver in sweet soya sauce is actually a classic way to cook chicken liver in indonesia and it is very easy. but i got the recipe from my friend which added ingredients such as the japanese soya sauce (kikkoman sauce) and thyme. but my current favorite is to use the balinese chili salt, i opted out the kikkoman sauce from this recipe. my son is a lover of the sweet soya sauce. it never fail for him to eat anything with it.

P1040939chicken liver in sweet soya sauce


1 kg of chicken liver, cut bite sizes

1 tablespoon of coriander, grind them

1 teaspoon of dry thyme

5 pieces of garlic, slice thinly

3-5 tablespoon of sweet soya sauce (bango brand always preferred)

salt and pepper for taste

how to make:

1. heat the pan with coconut oil, stir fry the garlic until they become slightly golden. put in the chicken liver. stir fry them until they are half cooked.

2. put in the coriander, thyme, salt and pepper. stir.

3. put in the sweet soya sauce. stir them until the sauce become really thick and the chicken liver slightly have the barbequed smell. serve them hot with rice.

enjoy your weekend folks :)

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