delhi #dayfive


sarojini market, new delhi

it was a shopping spree day at sarojini market. where everything is super cheap but good quality. how in the hell in the world you could find a good zara winter jacket for only a dollar. all out in the market. we managed to get basically all the winter clothing requirements for a colder temperature in dharamsala. we went with mia, constanz and danish. all of us went mad with the shopping, we basically fill an auto with our shopping. because of this, i basically say if you go to india, don’t really bring clothes, just buy here because it’s super cheap! sarojini totally rocks!

we joined the light surgeon guys to head to old delhi. mia was to be our guide of the day. we join ben in the front of mcdonald’s in chandni chowk. we had the best street food and eating the best food too. i think i would post about those food in another post.

my first impression about old delhi was that the street remind me of jakarta in the 80s and the way it’s packed with so many people like in the old fashion PRJ festival. for some people it would have to be the most packed experience ever. that india really consisting a billion people kinda experience. but yeah, i can’t help to feel mostly nostalgic despite the constant honking in every corner we go. the constant need to keep on walking among the stream of people. and feeling you’re losing yourself in those stream.

we went to jama masjid but had some unpleasant experience with people guarding at the entrance. the remains of moghul beauty somehow dies because of such a discriminating attitude. i never before in my life when entering a mosque to be repelled with such unwelcoming attitude, just because i’m a woman (which they think need to be covered with a bright color silly kimono kinda cover, we’re in our winter clothing for godsake) and i’m with my foreign looking friends. abmi tried to convinced the guard that she is moslem, but because we are with our friends they judge us to be kafir and have to respect their weird made up “custom”. we also have to pay extra 200 rupee each while other people enter freely just because they look local and look moslem. i was disappointed with this experience and fail to engage at the beautiful sunset entering the mosque afternoon prayer. which they shooed us like birds to the gate outside just because people are going to pray. in my heart i prayed for any shallow minded people that thinks that people with different beliefs would not respect them in their prayer. i hope someday they will open their heart somehow.

thank god a dinner at karim made the incident become more bearable. i would not complain over the most satisfying lamb curry i ever had in my life. despite the chaotic visual of old delhi, in some ways it was inspiring. abmi made some little videos when we were walking in the market. i would try to upload them to share those feeling of lost in translation.











mia morikawa selecting clothes in sarojini | bidi and cigarette sellers at sarojini | getting out from chandni chowk metro station | chandni chowk | walking through old delhi market | man pouring sacred drinking water in the middle of the market | jama masjid | afternoon market around jama masjid | biscuit and cracker seller | afternoon market at old delhi

2 thoughts on “delhi #dayfive”

    1. a total recommended, it’s even better than chatuchak market in bangkok. they have the nicest collection ever :D

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