the journey we start, the journey we end

pic from almostfearless

no matter how lazy i am to blog my trip. which suddenly after india, i rather become fearless to take the chances of traveling again. with or without my son. but what i know deep in my heart is i always have the urge and the need to travel from time to time. trying to settling myself down since my mother sickness and death in 2006, does not really become a personal solution for me.

i realized i heal through my journey. that every path taken had their blessed meaning. that in my wandering i found myself. it is very important for me and i shall not loose it anymore.

i found silence when i’m taking a trip. no matter how far i walk, i know i’m a home for myself. i am after all a nomadic by heart.

i still owe this blog another series of the indian trip, a couple more days in delhi and an amazing week of dharamsala. i owe post of my recent rembang-lasem trip. but for now i’m signing off for a trip (a job really) to halmahera for two weeks. wish me luck :)

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