delhi #daythree


our third day in new delhi. we spent such a long day and experience so much. we had our mobile numbers. it’s quiet easy and a little hassle, but avinash driver took us through and we’re suddenly connected. make sure you always bring photocopies of your pasport and visa, and always have extra passport size pictures everywhere. it makes things easier to do things.

we walk around connaught place and janpath market. went to our first indian bookstore, which we did not manage to took picture because we were too excited. can’t help to notice that in a big city like delhi there are still so many birds around. we bought a couple of books and had lunch around connaught.

we walk to british council for the afternoon, spent time smoking in the garden and rehearsing for our performance. i scribble my short story and make it into three chapter. you can read the text here. so it was us two in the garden at the back, rehearsing with wooden keris and our batik cloth. the performance went great. it was my first short story reading in english to english readers. we were overwhelm with the responses and give copies of our short story anthology to our new friends and some of the audience. we only brought 15 copies, so it was special:)

the night end watching antariksha sanchar as part of UNBOX closing at max mueller bhavan. avinash’s mother do the modified version of bharatanatyam dance with the students. her studio is just in the basement where we’re staying. such a fantastic night. very beautiful and memorable :) we went home with auntie and avinash’s niece. she cook spaghetti in the middle of the night. talking until late again, avinash father had to stop us. the exact way my father would done when i was a teenager and having sleep over at my house. funny to be reminded having another family again :_)






walking around connaught place | abmi at the local STD ( we call them wartel in indonesia) | vintage building in connaught | british council at the front | upcyle 1 – recyling beautiful stuff | upcycle 2 – lovely ceramic table | kalamarica reading performance | light surgeon presentation | installation at max mueller | the bar at the closing | visual installation for antariksha sanchar | antariksa sanchar dance performance 1 & 2

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