delhi #dayfour


i can’t help myself to compare haus khaz village with kemang area in jakarta or maybe also cikini. but this is new delhi. it’s a complex of so many beautiful things thrown together. buildings, houses, artist studios, boutiques, shops, galleries and restaurants. it’s unbelievable to find it here. that is my impression coming to hauz khas village the first time. the auto (we call them bajaj in indonesia, which actually stand for the indian brand) would just drop us in the entrance, cars are not allowed to enter the complex. and yes, indian auto have meter on them like taxi but often they don’t work and you have to haggle with the driver. all the time. me and abmi look local, that often we got auto driver who we realized cannot speak english (“no english, madame”) in the middle of our trip and we had to use body language to tell the way.

it is not really recommended to shop in this area, although the temptation is very high. like kemang, the price is quiet expensive. try indian market instead :D will have them in another post. be patient.

i end up cooking in the afternoon at the grey garden restaurant for indonesian special menu night. it was avinash idea and mia help us providing the things we need in the kitchen. i cooked yellow chicken, three version of sambal matah bali, made salad and classic nasi goreng. the nepalese kitchen crew are the best. and the restaurant manager, santanu is the loveliest. he made sure we are not running out of chai, wine and beer while cooking. we enjoy such a great time in the grey garden that we forget to take pictures together. we were to busy sharing drinks and cigarette kretek with the kitchen crew. oh how i miss cooking with them. i’m starting to think to open my own restaurant someday and have friends coming to be a cook in residence :D

mia took us to the night club after dinner time. a nice one because the sky is the roof. avinash had a vj-ing session there. i sort off forget the club name but it was a great place. loving new delhi for sure!

haus khaz village entrance – grey garden sign | an art/cultural center around haus khaz | flats and restaurant | beautiful shop sign | yodakin – independent bookstore/press | painted door | tunnel going down to grey garden | semi underground feel | way to grey garden | grey garden patio | club scene | view from the rooftop | mia’s hand | surrounding floor of the club

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