delhi #dayonetwo


me @ indira gandhi international airport – new delhi

yup, we arrived in new delhi safely at night. finding our own way to british council in the middle of new delhi. can’t help to notice the way the travel driver drove. the extra honking that i would get used to the next few days and can’t believe i sort off missing it now. finding avinash at the opening of UNBOX festival in the middle of the crowd. hugging rikta who can’t believe i actually finally come. end up sleeping at avinash house upstairs in hauz khas main. with his mom warming the food in the middle of the night and i feel i was 13 again, the last time maybe my own mother did that. end up crazy late talking with avinash’s auntie, srivalli before we hit the bed. india felt home in a night.

i wake up the next morning and i felt being in jakarta, in different period of time somehow. everything look the same. i’m having de ja vu in every corner of the streets of delhi. we went to the british council for the UNBOX festival session. babitha explain everything about the schedule and how we are going to do our reading performance the next day for the beat repeated session. went to beat repeated session of the day, pictures would be upload in another post. ate our first bengali lunch and our first sip of the indian beer, ended the day being in food labyrinth part of the gastronomic experience of UNBOX. the food run out but we manage ourselves to try the daulat ki chaat made by foodlab. it fill us up with sweetness. loveliness to end the night with.






unbox festival at british council – connaught place | beautiful wall work at british council | delhi skyline | abmi in the middle of unbox crowd | our first bengali meal (deliciouss!) | miller beer and can’t have enough those deep fried eggplants |  food labyrinth at max mueller bhavan – connaught place

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