our civilization of stuff

i’ve been throwing things, giving away stuff to my closest people, to stranger. it’s crazy to see the amount of stuff that we accumulate in our lives. i’ve watch and try to work things out with stuff that my parents keep their entire life for the last five years. stuff worth of two houses, trying to fit in one big house of ours in bogor. then when the place being rented out, i have to carry the entire truck container or stuff that i think is important to my small rented house in jogja. in addition to the personal things i’ve been keeping in jogja too, especially with my baby at that time, we don’t even have the room to walk when we just move in. the only questions raise at that time was how in the hell i could manage to fit things in this tiny house of mine.

i was in the period of exhaustion and being burn out. somehow our stuff describe our state of being. so last week, i basically let go everything. my parent’s had died and they did not carry anything to their graves. i’m the living one had to start to let go. the memories, the sentimentality, the attachment. because this stuff i don’t really need in my life, i don’t even freaking use it at all.

why should i keep my mother’s clothing when those clothes never really fit me? our taste are totally different after all. why should i keep my dad’s broken electric shaver, when i know it could not be use or even fix? i even still keep a birthday note of my ex-boyfriend from college days, which i was surprised to myself that i still keep it. what the hell? this findings really make you think about your life and what you want to do with it. i’m in a stage of my life where i want to keep things very simple, effective and things that could be recycled. i want to keep a minimum waste of things.

since bhumy was born i always recycle his things, from clothing till toys. i never keep the memories of his things. what i know is that i can giveaway his things to people who would be needing it. it give me more peace than merely chucking things away. from bhumy’s stuff i move on to my own clothing, my mother’s especially. i giveaway my favorite things to my best friends and my neighbor. then the past week, i make myself a space for a walk in closet, which mean i literally get rid 80 percent of stuff that i’ve been keeping the last decade and throw the ruined things, the things that cannot be save, and giveaway most of them to people. i did not held myself to do it the next day. it just have to be finish in one day so we can move on. now i’m in the stage of compiling the very personal stuff that had to be documented and throw/giveaway section. there is nothing in the middle. those option are simpler and keeps you going. it even add a little excitement inside yourself. the effect is like cleansing. getting rid of the unnecessary things and the stuff that has been a burden of your life. some of my friends stuff that stay in my house for years, i just get rid, give it back if i can, but i’m sorry guys i’m not keeping your stuff anymore. i have to figure mine and i can’t figure about yours.

my last stage i guess would be about giving away my books. not all of course. it is my major treasure and collections. i’m basically would try to set a library to be manage by my folks. but the books that i know i can give away, i’ll give them away for a space in gunung kidul where one of our friend is working on.

it is impressive to see how our civilization grow with accumulating stuff to determine your life. this era of consumerism somehow becoming obviously pointless. we have to learn to let go and detach our self from our own stuff. owning just basic stuff in life does really make a such relief. make such space to learn what is really important for yourself.

this video from filastine could end this writing.

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