indonesian clothing: my favorite brand

“ i want to challenge the notation of a fashion world. no trends. no seasons. no fads.

my clothes have to be able to be worn & last forever.”

~ nina karina nikicio

the above collections are just the reason why MIXTÉ LE PRINTEMPS 2012 from nikicio become so irresistible and the most sought after. i have always fallen in love with their basic collections from the last two years. it  become my daily staple of clothing. it is rare for wanting and being fanatic in wearing one brand all the time. but nikicio is one of our local indonesian brand who could make you do that. i secretly have the obsession of just wearing this brand the rest of my life.

i love how they choose the material, mostly cotton (i just love 100 % cotton, not to mention their organic cotton collection, so damn comfy). something i wear has to be comfortable, it is my basic philosophy when it comes to clothes. i love their basic design with a touch of edge and  how it become so wearable, not to mention unisex as well. i’m proud of indonesian young talent such as nina karina nikicio. i love supporting our local brand. nothing has been so perfect.

and yes, the good news, they ship worldwide. check out their webstore for their latest collection

2 thoughts on “indonesian clothing: my favorite brand”

  1. Hi Astrid,

    I stumbled up on your blog by accident when googling Indonesian clothing online. I am half Indonesian myself and was looking for modern clothing with a hint of traditional as in prints. Do you happen to know of online webstores which sell these? thanks for any help on this!


    1. i don’t know whether the ones you mean are the traditional indonesian prints which of course we have many from batik until weaving cloths. but try indonesian fashion blog such as for inspiration. i found some a couple times ago, lemme have a look first and get back to you.

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