on the crossroad


things has been random. it has been an emotional period too. but i passed it well enough. despite all that, things have been hectic like crazy. job coming, living the deadlines. old good friends and families coming to town. my son growing up and playing by himself while i’m working in front of my laptop. i had this urge to change things somehow. i need to renew myself somewhere. maybe i should took a trip somewhere or going through my wish list on what things i want to do with my living space. i need to chuck out all the things i don’t need anymore and would be lovely to welcome new things in my life.

i’m satisfied with my current wardrobe collections (mostly basic nikicio, cotton ink and oneandhalf) but this means i need a proper closet to put them all. my son need his own room, meaning i need to buy another bed. but dear god, i need to sleep alone sometimes in my own room and not having his feet on my face when i wake up nowadays. i need a proper wooden working table, i was thinking vintage, obviously not the one i’m using that was used back from my student days. i need cabinet in my kitchen to put all the kitchen utensils i inherited from my mother. i need to re-arrange my books again, chucking the cheap cardboard book rack and finding a more permanent ones.

somehow i just need little luxuries that i can enjoy sometimes, means reading a favorite book undisturbed or watching a movie at my own space. i haven’t really done that much luxuries since i have my son. we took him to the cinema to watch the transformers 3 last weekend, he finally last on the seat. so dearest son, we can have movie dates soon.

but out of all this, i don’t mind traveling to a beach somewhere alone. i missed traveling solo and discovering things at my own pace.

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