ending breastfeeding and parenting crisis

No one knows what they’re doing as parents. We’re all faking it, and hoping we’re getting it right. Some people obsess about the details, and miss out on the fun. I just try not to mess them up too much, to show them they’re loved, to enjoy the moments I can with them, to show them life is fun, and stay out of the way of them becoming the amazing people they’re going to become. That they already are. ~ Leo Batuta (zenhabits)

My son have gone for five days without breastfeeding. He is thirty four months old. I was meant to stop it when he reaches two years old. But things got carried away. I mentally think breastfeeding is our privilege bonding. Especially since I decided to become a single parent for my son. I had to work and could not spend time 24-7 with him. It become some sort of my emotional compensation. Getting closer to his birthday next July, I somehow experienced some wake up call. Things had been going on all over the place, the pace of life has been rolling unexpectedly. Some things are near completion, some things are just started.

Being involved emotionally again with someone, somehow had put my feelings to be out in the open. I realized I still kept my fears if things did not work out. A wound that had not yet heal properly. I felt vulnerable in the same time. When I was just myself, I had nothing to lose. Nothing at stake accept myself.

I endured my worries and decided to chuck it away. Fears, worries and anger would not get me anywhere. I just had to believe life is a never ending process. The only security you have is that you belief in yourself, no matter what happen. I learn to conquer my fears. I resolved all my past, letting go my anger and pain. Be aware with my own self and my emotions. Heal. Forgive. Move on. Live on.

I was worried with Bhumy sometimes, being a single parent has never been an easy process. It’s easy to fall into the prey of people who did not understand what they are talking about and got hurt by it. I don’t care anymore. Others does not responsible with my own happiness. My son in the end would learn about life, all the good things and all the bad things. I could not stop things from happening, but I could give him all the understanding, knowledge, wisdom and above all, my undying love.

There is no right or wrong in parenting sometimes. There’s no manual or blueprint for it. I teach myself to become a mother which I never picture myself before. I make mistakes. I learn from them, over and over until I felt I got it right. Motherhood had become my own version of myself. The only faith that I have is that I’m what my son needed the most and the best he have. I should not let other things disturb that faith. I believe at my own way of raising my son.

Ending breastfeeding is like seeing my son stepping out from his comfort zone for the first time. Like all things in life. Your children grow amazingly.

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