28 @ sangam

indeed the day i turn to 28 seems become the day where my wish come true. where i just want to see my love ones shared my happiness and just celebrate life in my favorite place in town. we spend a lovely dinner at sangam with special biryani menu specially cooked by martin for festive menus. definitely not the day where the birthday girl cook, LOL. cheesecake (with traditional javanese prayer n wishes) and white wines from dina. lovely presents from friends (shoes and books:P they know me so well, and special tibetan things from pascal n martin).

it’s a mixed and wild night, hearing people talking in different languages and still laugh at each other. i felt that i have gain my old self. but i know i’m not the old me anymore. i felt firmer somehow. firmer to myself.

i amazed myself on how far i got compare with my condition at the same date last year. i literally flip my hand of faith. i refused to dwell on whatever bad things that hit my life the last past years. i don’t see it as a bad things, but life teaching me lesson until i understand it. feeling despair doesn’t get you anywhere. i learn to let go my anger, my troubles away, let it all wash allover me until i gain my self renew. life never set a path you could not take. life is always evolving and it’s you who decide whether you wanted to change. we all need a bit of faith especially to ourselves.

it was a night of reflection for me. seeing other people laugh and showing their emotions. seeing my love ones taking picture. seeing my son happily running around. it’s a moment where i can sit and say: this is life. this is the kind moment where you feel life blessing. relax and enjoy. be grateful. be thankful.

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