editing your life

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i’m a person who believe in coincidences as signs in life. lately i’ve been stumbling at this website over and over. then founding the perfect software to help me keep on going with my writings. one of the line that stuck in my head is: editing your life. i’ve start to take editing more seriously then ever before in this phase of life, related to my work, the translation bureau that i’m setting up and the priorities of my life.

things start as simply, setting myself straight. setting what i’m actually passionated about, what things are really important to me and what are the things i actually wanting to do. being a typical aries, i was a god-damn multi-tasker and being a single mother right now does not help that habit either. but that doesn’t finish the things i want to finish. it’s like there’s too many distraction or too many interest in my life, which i really had to put aside from now on. i need to de-clutter my life. this including the place i’m living, the things, the people and the emotional baggage that has been pilings all this time. i need to let go. really let go.

i’m actually growing the habit with bhumy’s stuff. i regularly set aside his clothing, his toys, the things that he doesn’t use anymore or we don’t need anymore. i hand them down, donate them or simply chuck it away. i felt the relieved slowly. now i need to chuck all my useless personal stuff. i might start slowly. i like to keep memories, even bad ones. this obsession with memories actually often drives me crazy. i like to collect things too. like bags, shoes, and yeah kitchenware ;P and, i’m one of those peoples who keep receipts in my wallet (like i ever finding the time to actually check them one by one). i need to throw away all this habit.

when i had to clean my parent’s house in bogor, because it was going to be rented. godammit, the stuff that they accumulate cost a lifetime. i had to be amazed on how much they were and how much i had to maintain or keep. i learn to keep the important ones. like photos and letters (they are the most precious), and then my mom’s wardrobe and some of my dad’s too. some of their favorite furniture and yes, my mom’s kitchenware collection plus the precious stove oven which i used daily.

i often keep stuff because i though i would have time to recycle them. but this sin of piling junk is actually become distracting. i might try it later when i really and ready to do it. for now, i need to decrease all this unecessary things and actually get the things i really need.  the only thing i can’t stop is my book collection. i know i need a small house and a private library someday just for my books.

editing people around you is actually the hardest. keeping and maintaining the flow even harder. but yes, i somehow cannot tolerate people with bad energy, people with negative attitudes anymore, people with full of anger. i just can’t. i better stay clear. i just don’t need those kind of people anymore. out of those facebook list (which i maintain just for the sake of networking and work stuff), my truly best friends are in my hands count now.

i’m so far pretty much okay at setting my activities to purely writing and doing yoga. the temptation to do more then that is huge. but this year, i just and can only do that. the rest probably could wait for the right time. activities that doesn’t involved those two for now it’s not in my priority list. by cutting down my daily activities, it’s actually harder to maintain the discipline and mood. but i keep on going.

lately, i even feel a bit distracted with this new commitment which the last few days i just had to set the record straight. i do need this person beside me, but my life pace keep on going and i don’t want to go further into a situation which i need to compromise suddenly. i learn to take it slow. though, i do see this relationship in a really new perspective. i worked on it but doesn’t have myself to fully drowning in it (which were my bad habit in the past). i’m breaking from my old self. things change. this time i want it all clean.

try it. edit your life. de-clutter it. i’m taking one step at a time and i feel great about it.

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