7 months of yoga, 31 months of motherhood, 1 month of new found love

photo courtesy of samaya tara

where am i?

i just passed 24 hours of valentine’s day. the day that people celebrate love. i celebrate mine inside a room, hearing the sound of the rain, hearing the breath of loves one, having quality conversation with a love one, motorcycling under the rain together, having simple dinner out of whatever left in the fridge and putting my son to bed together. then having my own time in my little corner of the world.

we passed the chinese new year. saying by to the tough tiger year and leaping for the rabbit. for me, the changes of the year had have to start in this real monthly cycle. it fit my rhythm of life better. maybe because i have chinese blood. despite everything, i survive and passed a tough year.

my son grow up so fast, his vocabulary grow like crazy and he starting to tell me stories when i come home. he remembers a lot of things, people and events better.

i’m loving my job. which i take it step by step. taking my own pace in this life. i’m nurturing my own language consulting company with my best friends. i can write anytime now. which actually make me to discipline myself. freelancing again means balance and being hard with yourself.

and most of all, i love doing my yoga routine. it’s my 7th month. it’s a part of me now. it’s became something inseparable, something i have to do everyday. something basic to keep me going with my life.

another one. i’m seeing someone again. yes, again. it’s a new profound love after 8 damn years. i’m trying to be honest with myself right now. it’s simpler even though life like always, play a great joke on us. i laugh this time and forgive everything. i’m fighting for it and yeah, have a little faith or more like building it. i reflect so much things every time i see this person. amazing how time could do and yeah, people change. for the better. for now it’s as simple as walking together in the middle of paddy field and see everything grow.

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