local findings #1

there are a lot of reason for me to stay and live in yogyakarta. one of them is the growing availability of fantastic local products.

kejora natural body products

i’ve continuing using this organic shampoo, apple and jasmine, they’re fantastic with my short hair. i can’t stand not to wash my hair everyday. but using chemical shampoo, i found that my hair becoming too dry. this one is perfect and no harm to my scalp. i want to try their organic clear soap too. more review on this later on.

actually there is one brand i particularly like, i really love their organic soap and other green products. would take more pictures and review them next time. always run out and used before i had the chance to photograph them.

gudeg-in-can bu tjitro

one day my friend, gentur, bring this gudeg-in-can for me. i was in disbelief founding such local product. i tried it the next day. it was okay, pretty convenient for people going overseas and longing for gudeg. one can for one portion. cause i’m living in yogya, i prefer the real one :D

the “monggo” belgian chocolate & boyolali mozarella cheese

you just have to love chocolate and cheese. the most exciting and best quality of these products are that they’re locally made:) and to add it: affordable. “monggo” chocolate is made from kotagede, had been around for ages and have a great taste:) i haven’t try the cheese, but it’s cheaper and less carbon foot print. would make a pizza then:)

more too come XD i love living in yogya :)

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