the fifth month


this is the fifth month since i’ve been doing yoga. towards the end of the year, many things come as a reflection. what is important for me now, is to know that yoga is a path that i wanted to do and keep on doing. it’s one thing in my life that i’m total sure about beside writing. yoga help me to let go of things i need to let go. helping me to clearly see what i need and not what i just want. i realized after so many things i’ve been through this year, which were tough, i need the time to heal.

yoga heal me through my soul. i remember arriving from jakarta and let myself cried in the last few session i had with sebastian. it’s good to cry and really let go of things. i haven’t really cried that much, the last few years somehow had me to keep things inside me, to hold on and held back. crying made me feel relief. since my mother past away, i’ve been holding myself to remain strong. but now i realize, to cry and admit yourself that you’re weak is what make you really strong in the end. because you past it and you finish on it. it’s a part of me but it’s not who i am anymore.

it’s great to be back again in yogya and doing yoga. it’s just a thing i keep up daily, as much as i can. i feel myself i’m reaching further deep inside myself. growing myself little by little, bit by bit. i start to do shiatsu with sebastian, i might keep it regular next year, i know i like to push myself when i’m working and i need it. things i need to heal were not only in appearance but something deeper. i found shiatsu really made me relaxed and energized. letting the energy to flow back through my veins. my feelings somehow renew. it’s like steeping inside and left your burden forever.

i need to do what i’ve been needing to do. yoga is one of them. i’m considering to make some time for a meditation retreat, the only consideration is related to bhumy. i do have to prepared him for some travel i had to do next year. i’m starting to let things take me to wherever it will take me. yoga is one of them.

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