growth spurt period?

bhumy is nearly 2,5 years now. he has been in excellent health despite the weather and all. we’re entering some final period of weaning. related to changes on my working schedule, i had to change our routine and work things out with bule heri (bhumy’s daily nanny, he call her ibu – my son call me mama). the most important things that i realized is that my son is growing. fast. his vocabulary and speaking are improving. we start to have proper conversation now. he could even make jokes by now. and yes, i need to let him go slowly. i need to have my personal time, work related matters that seems to be escalating high next year and yes, i have to be realistic.

bhumy had his routine and an excellent eater now. i’m considering to end our co-sleeping, rearranging the house one by one and starting to give him his own room. and yes, i’m starting to consider him to enter school by the time he’s 3 years old.

he loves our ride and hanging with me often with my friends too in the weekends. he’s happy spending his daily lives routine with my neighbour’s family which care for him like a family of our own. i’m really happy with the arrangement of everything. i need to be discipline with my working schedule and time arrangement.

my son is growing. i myself is growing. we grow together in life. no matter who’s the children or parent. we all learn about life. time passed and mean to be something wonderful.

bhumy above eating his favorite takoyaki @tuanmuda. he just love japanese food.

om mane padme hum. i love you, son. and i love you, life. thank you for everything.

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