the path that take me


i can’t believe that it’s been a month that i’ve been in bogor. and throughout the period i did my morning yoga session, even for as short as 15 minutes. before i left yogya, sebastian gave me some basic pose to train by myself. to just do it everyday. the most challenging about this process is that i’m living at my grandma’s house for a while. it’s one of the hardest test to my patience and temper. i do realize the only thing that keep my sanity intact is my yoga session.

it help me to overcome a lot. all those emotional pouring. all those holding on. all those miss. finding myself inside, in whatever situation and circumstances. it’s hard to keep still. but i found myself to keep on standing straight. i bend over. but i don’t fall anymore. i don’t.

glad to know it now. namaste, sebastian.



the most funniest thing about sebastian is that he made the doodles above for my notes to keep. those hieroglyph is just the funkiest yoga illustration. love it. i can’t wait to be back to yogya to continue my sessions.

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