mie sahabat – yun sin



i always love noodles. especially this type of noodle. and bogor, where i grew up had some specialities in this type of noodle. many people called it just mie ayam/mie ayam jakarta/mie yamin. i remember when i was still vegetarian, i even crave this and made the topping from silken tofu with lots of green onions, you can check the recipe here.

anyway, i grew up eating this mie yun sin. it was located near my school, so it was such a treat when my parents picked me up from school and have lunch there. now they modified they marketing technique, packaging and opening branches in our local malls in the city. i was excited to have it close by in the nearest mall near my place in bogor. you could pick a salty noodles (regular) or sweet noodles). their fish meatballs are also very good. i also like their meatball tofu soup. their tauco sambal are one of the best in the world. please do visit them when you’re in town. you’ll never regret it.

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