sanctuary #2: candi mendut and mendut monastery




i spend some time revisiting the mendut temple and its monastery before leaving to bogor last week. i’ve wanting to go to the temple to pay some respect. i have to say that this place is one of my favorite places in the world. i could spend hours there, even just to sit and contemplate. such a blissful feeling to be in such a peaceful place.

the mendut temple is one of the ancient site still used by the buddhist in indonesia on the waisak yearly celebration. located just after muntilan in magelang area of central java. it’s a part of a series event related to the borobudur and pawon temple. but yeah, despite the amazing borobudur as part of the world greatest heritage, i prefer mendut temple better. it stillness and simplicity just took my breath away.





the monastery itself is new and still active. i went inside a few rooms that i never seen before. i’m thinking to join a retreat here for the khrisnamurti vipassana meditation, the schedule could be check here. dewi lestari had made a review her experience going through the retreat here. i’m waiting for the right time when i could go for three days and have my son taking care off while i’m gone.


i want to buy some banyan tree seed also that they have here and i want to grew them in the future, in my future place someday. i bought one before but it died while i had to spend time in bogor while having bhumy. but yes, things can die and other things will grow.

i’m growing. stronger. better. kinder. and reminded with blessing in life. thank you.

Om Mane Padme Hum


thanks P for sharing the whole trip with me. despite the rain that hit us that afternoon.

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