our life in diversity

my current rented house has been receiving a quiet number of guest the last few months. since i’ve been opening my life again to new people and also old friends. my weekends lately were colored with weekend cooking and baking. especially during the fasting month, we have a “buka puasa” session at my place where we cook together and “buka puasa bersama”.

some of my friends commented on the rarity of having islamic prayer with a javanese tone/notes (langgam jawa) from the mosque just across my place. we often enjoy those prayer in my porch (our midsummer night porch) with cups of hot drink and kretek cigarettes or even menyan tobacco. my son sometimes joins the TPA where children learn to pray and read the quran. he kicks soccer ball in the afternoon at the mosque yard.

we’re not even moslem. yes, i know that fact. that’s why i let my son exploring all the possibilities and knowing different type of religions. there is a growing concern of intolerance on the diversity in the country we’re living in. i have been living in diversity my whole life. even a simple question like “where do you come from?” had never been an easy question to answer because i’ve to explain on how diverse and plural my life and ancestor had been. but that’s what i always think about indonesia. the bhinneka tunggal ika in every part of our life.

our neighbours are catholic, christian, moslem and kejawen. we’re registered as hindu. i was raised catholic. my grandparents are either christian, moslem, kejawen and kong hu cu. or yes, like me, an agnostic who had grew a certain interest with tibetian buddhism, where i view buddhism as a philosophy. i went to various and different religious site, from mosque to a candi, church to chinese temple. all with the same respect. i would keep the same knowledge and opening those option for my son.

my good friends come from various background and from places all over the world. straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian and transvestite. religious and atheist. i do believe we all can work things out in this life. differences is what make us stronger and learn to grow together.

so i would like to share some pictures of our “buka puasa bersama”, one of them with mama sonya (our lovely he/she cook). great cooking and such a memorable “buka puasa”.






and yeah, as a loyal weekend baker. i baked cream cheese brownies for the event. you can find the recipe here.



celebrate your diversity, people! FPI could just fuck themselves!

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