new tatto after three years

sorry for being lazy updating this blog while keep on going with my fiction blog for #30harimenulis. well, i’m done with it and keeping my best to continuing them. or should we start another #30harimenulis project in this blog. anyway, i got a new tatto last saturday. i finished my series: OM MANE PADME HUM in my inner arm. i’ll keep the story later, for now, let the picture do the talking.

yes. I’M SO HAPPY with this *total excitement*.








work credits: all tattoes done by munir @toxic tatto, yogyakarta on 9th october 2010, the first two series was done back in 2007, the last two was done on saturday. it’s complete!

i’m the happiest tattoed mom alive. yup, my son and best friends watch the whole process. thank you guys, you know how far i’ve been for making this coming true. OM MANE PADME HUM.

nb: one more thing, i cut my hair short too XD

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