the growing little boy


despite the crazy weather that had been happening maybe all over the world lately, we manage to survived. my boy finally passing 11 kilograms, which had been a struggle getting his weight up from 10 kg since the beginning of the year. his height had keep on going though.

with the weather problem, bhumy caught some cold and cough a few weeks ago. and a few days ago some apthae (we call them sariawan) cause by bacteria. it’s in season apparently. nothing that serious and going to the doctor quickly help him to recover. no fever too (thank god). though he’s been on a nursing strike for the last three days. and oh dear, the nightmare of having a bloated breast for me is very painful. it’s like learning how to nurse the first time all over again. i don’t know if this is a sign for him to stop breastfeeding. he’s been totally refusing it. more because it’s painful and traumatic cause by the apthae in his lips. not to mention he’s tooth is coming up again. it double the pain and his crankiness.

it’s weird to say it, if it’s happening i’m going to miss it. and yes, the tantrum he throws by not sleeping by breastfeeding was very much a test of my patient as parent. the changes of sleeping schedule all over again. not to mention the bloated breast pain.

he’s really growing up. i remember my friend david telling me about kids, when they’re under 2 years old, love them the most you can, the best you can, after they’re 2 years old, start learn to let go of them. yeah. if this is the end of the breastfeeding phase, i need to let it go slowly and my son doing it naturally.


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