up for the challenge #30harimenulis

i’m currently up for the #30harimenulis (30 days of writing) in my fiction blogspot. it’s been going on for the last three days. i’m obsessed to finish this piece of writing that had been going on in my head. i want to know how i can finish it in thirty days. i want to see how it will turn out. how far i can go for it and finish it exactly in those days.

i found out about this challenge via twitter #30harimenulis and started by @maradilla. my two best buddies also up for the challenge. we want to see how far we will go.

it’s going to be a good practice for me to go back to my fictions. i’m thinking about all the possibilities that could be resulted from this challenge. it keeps me going and excited for the next day writing, gathering all the ideas that i can use for my writing. i’m holding myself to write for just that moment. it’s freshen my spirit of writing and i guess getting more discipline for myself. i’m also more keen to gain more inspiration and gathering everything i can get for my fiction. it’s an exciting process.

keep on going. yeah yeah yeah!

to read my #30harimenulis fiction, click here.

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