finally, a good hair cut

after an attempt of un-professional mama’s cut (cutting someone else hair for the first time ever, i never even try it for myself). which turn my boy – even though looking cute – becoming kobo-chan look alike. yesterday i decide for a decent cut to the barber near our house.

so from this:



to this:


he looks mature and chubbier somehow.


btw, i finally got a new glasses for only IDR 20,000. i’ll tell about the story of the older glasses on another post. now, i’m the one who need a haircut and a good facial :P

2 thoughts on “finally, a good hair cut”

  1. yeah, too bad my son broke it a couple days ago. might buy it again coz i love it so much. or collect them in different color. LOL :D i’m wearing another one now. might post something about glasses later on.

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