the teeth struggle


one thing that i may say, been one of the regret of my life is my son’s teeth. i don’t regret other things in life, but related to bhumy, that’s one thing that been bugging me and become the source of my lamentation.

his first four upper teeth are decaying badly and i felt that i might fail being a parent. the fragile condition might be cause with me not eating enough calcium when i was breastfeeding and it’s hard to give him a good toothbrushing without fighting.

seeing cindhy yesterday afternoon for a consultation helps one of my parental crisis. teeth problem seem to be common in children and i don’t have to worried that much. it’s obvious any dental action could only be happening for another year and we don’t want to traumatized bhumy with going to the dentist for a routine check up. and yes, changing his diet to more raw fruits and slightly steam veggies for snacks.

luckily, the dolphin clinic where cindhy work had children section which keeps him happy. i might have to schedule some routine visit here to get him used to with the dentist environment. it might be one of the most ideal for children available in yogya and it’s not expensive (standard yogyakarta rates).

i had a yoga session late in the afternoon to forgot this crisis.

my son from age one have the problem (more pissed off) with having a toothbrush inserted to his mouth. he doesn’t mind if he do it himself. anyway, after the desperation and struggle, i bought two new toothbrush for him at the dental clinic. and i let him choose, green or red. he choose the red one above. magically, last night he open his mouth without resistance and yes, i brush him teeth with a smile this time.

ah, how children grow up in one day and we suddenly forgot how much they could put us into panic attack.

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