ceramics: they literally make me weak


pink collections (left to right): sakura teacup from daisho, new ramekins set from giant, pink polka dot mug from giant, sakura leaf plate from daisho


bowls: green vintage set from progo, blue japanese style from my mom’s collections


oriental bowl from my mom’s collections, polka dot blue plate from progo


breakfast in paris, lunch in london – square plates from progo

4 thoughts on “ceramics: they literally make me weak”

  1. Oh! lovely! I used to have an unexplainable urge to buy new mugs or bowl every time. But after moving around since 2006, it has to be stopped for a while. It was too much to be carried around Java. I left a lot of my old collection behind and managed not to buy new ones for three years.

    Hmm :) might want to start again soon.

  2. hehehhe, this is one of my soft spot that i inherited from my mother. especially vintage china. going to a place like progo in yogya, ace hardware and kedaung makes me happy :D

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