the yoga in me


my mom introduce me to yoga a long time ago. i was still in high school. i remember they focus on some pranayama techniques. we even have classes at our old house. mostly senior members around the housing complex join the class. maybe because the class was full with old people and the yoga (it was a modified ones) was mainly seems like a “senam kesegaran jasmani” to me then.

after my mother passed away i inherit her yoga mat. every time i felt feeling uneasy, i lay down in her yoga mat, it had some calming aura somehow (even now it become bhumy’s favorite sitting spot). that same year (2006), where i experience some kind of depression, i started to do yoga. just by looking and reading yoga books. that period had helped me stop smoking and was taking me to vegetarianism.

i met a friend who is a yoga teacher in jakarta last january and she guided me through a basic surya namanaskar. the session end with me drench in sweats. it was such a different feeling. after stopping being vegetarian for a while and haven’t doing any yoga since giving birth. i realized that i need a yoga teacher very soon.

after being through another hectic period in life and slowing down my pace of life, i make time this month to apply for a yoga class at sangham yoga. sangham is a yoga studio, indian restaurant and gallery, such a lovely place to be in the middle of jalan kaliurang hecticness. last week my feet was dragging me there and register for a class. i did the class last friday afternoon. i felt like crying my soul and body to the ground. i felt such a relieved and joy. i guess i found the yoga inside my being that afternoon. i’m committing myself to do yoga like i commit to myself. i have to make time for myself.

and yes, sangham is my current favorite place in this lovely city of mine.

namaste, sebastian.


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