this might be my last non visual post

yes, i finally bought a digital camera. after a busy fortnight, it’s nice to slow down for a while. i trade in my old canon powershot which screen went blank three years ago. and i got myself a panasonic lumix. and 500,000 IDR worth of discount at ARTHA (totally recommended) :P so i splurge myself on some new indonesian fictions that i had been holding the last few years (?).

anyway, i have been meeting and catching up with old friends. really nice to see some people again. the way things going, i’m in love with life over and over :)

the good news is that bhumy been eating a lot and becoming very healthy. the main key of his life is basically routine, which i’m lack of, LOL. oh well, i’m adjusting, pretty well actually. and yes, another thing on my checklist is i’m joining yoga class at sangham. will start my first session tomorrow afternoon *excited* XD

and of course, my weekend baking will be visual starting for now on :P~

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