breastfeeding is one pure act of love

it’s decided that i’m continuing to breastfeeding bhumy without any dateline. beside the doctor recommendation (suprisingly) and the crazy extreme weather. and his risk of having a fever seizure (which was the third time last tuesday), it’s decided, i’ll continue to breastfed my boy until he himself wanted to stop or i stop producing. i’m still confident that i’ll keep on producing with the demand, amazingly i pass through maybe the toughest time of my life ever and still can breastfed. breastfeeding my son often sooth and calm me also. it’s true that i’m the one who will be missing it. it’s such an unconditional act of love to basically feed your children with your own body. it’s one thing i’m grateful to be a woman. it’s a blessing feeling.

anyway, salma hayek rocks! viva la titties!

1 thought on “breastfeeding is one pure act of love”

  1. benaaarrrrr!!!! menyusui itu bikin jatuh cinta, rileks, cepet kurus (hihi), dan banyak hal lain. waktu chiya memutuskan hubungan ASInya secara sepihak, aku muring2 dan tiba2 merasa sangat desperate karena seolah-olah dia tidak mau dekat2 aku lagi (karena ogah nyusu itu, sebetulnya). dan dia hanya mau deket2 ayahnya… sakitnya kayak putus cinta… hahaha, lebay…

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