the boy, nearly 22 months and counting

asabhumy is nearly 2 years old. he’s been following my sleeping routine while i was finishing my study. i’m trying to get him back to his normal sleeping routine. it’s not been easy, sometimes it end up with me not sleeping properly also.

he’s been having a little cold but the “jamu cekok” has been the most effective way to deal with it. the neighbour’s family had been very helpful with my final path as a single mom trying to live and raise my very active little boy. my little energizer mouse.

he loves cars and dogs. he call them “ngeng-ngeng” and “wawaw”, as his attempt with language and speech. he’s been spending time playing outside the house, in the yard, in the neighbour house and near the mosque. he likes our night motorcycle ride together, which reminds me to get a proper carrier very soon.

he’s been interested with books and wanting for me to read them at night before his sleep, although the ripping of cover and paper still happens. and i’m still lazily postponing setting up the library. i realized i need to gain back my health and energy after all what i’ve been through the last few years. adding with the intensity of the last few months of my life.

his current favorite person is still kak sani. she might or will be his first love:P

my son is leaving his diapers soon. he can pee in the closet now. just his puppy that still having accidents in his pants.

he’s eating properly, gaining some independence with the neighbourhood, might check him out to the doctor mini and having his vaccines next month. although i have to let go of his four upper teeth, which make me always sigh when i had the sight of them. like everything it would grow back. like life, i would learn to love again. like i learn to love my son and enjoy motherhood with its many suprises.

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