review #3: the end of the diaper era

oh dear loyal cloth diapers,

you have been the best solution in my life and my son’s life since he was 5 months old. now we have to say goodbye (and me stop being interested with new range of cloth diapers being sell in the market). oh dear moms and new borns, you’re going to be those lucky ones with those collectible cuties. i’m stopping mine now.

i remember how i had to save money in order to buy them one at a time. bhumy’s collections is reaching 11 pieces now. with the last addition from blueberry, rumparooz and fuzzy buns. i have to say i adore bluberry. totally recommended with the thinnest convinient insert and bestest design that fit your baby. rumparooz is cute and ideal for newborns, fuzzy bunz is okay, the insert is a little bulky. blueberry insert and loppy doo are still the very best to use.

i will stop buying and collecting now. my son practically just use them when we go out. he’s currently refusing to wear them when sleeping. he wake up to pee now. oh, how a boy grow. i have grown to love you clodi (things mommies in mommy’s forum call them) and yes, i had to put you away in a couple of months coming. you’ve been the best and such a life saver.

i’m proud to say i’m a cloth diaper mom’s user and in the end of their final use. they’re still in good condition, some had their rubber stretch (the wonderoos and the happy heiney). still useable thought. with this kind of sentimentality i don’t know whether i’m going to resell them soon. we’ll see how i can cope with the clodi longing.

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