that word finally got typed on my sms, facebook and twitter on 19th April 2010. it took me a few days to take it to a deeper meaning. like today for example. i just got back home with my son, for a documentary film discussion about GERWANI in the campus. it was a good night.

i feel i’m gripping into my life again.

my thesis is done. for now. i’m planning to continue it for a bigger research, i just done mine for a month with whatever resources i can get. with no editing and no deeper discussion. i had to do it yesterday for that:P with bhumy having a slight fever on the night that i had to defend my thesis. but yes, i passed through like i pass through my life and surviving it.

i feel i graduated in my phase of life. there is also some firmer decision regarding to my marriage. it’s done also, i’m applying the legal process by next week, meeting my lawyer soon.

i’m taking a few days break, resting, cleaning and re-arranging my house, meeting good friends. will start fresh next monday. so let me enjoy my coffe and the silent of the night.

life, despite everything, i love you still. i had grown stronger. thank you.

matur suwun, gusti.

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