remembering indonesian women and their history

a little introduction to what i’m doing right now

i nearly gave up three years ago, when i came to my department in the campus with a proposal on my hand. it had those letter on it: GERWANI. and bam, two of the seniors lecturers practically refuse it. no supporting words at all. they said i need to revise it, cynically.

i ignore them at that time. and my life stumble to a point that i completely forget this.

but i did not. my only lecturer that support me remember them, keep me going until today and trust me that i can do this. even in the long run, for a bigger research project. what i’m writing and doing for the next whole month, might be just one simple conclusion.

we forget our history. in GERWANI case. we delete them from history. i’m just a small part of revival of memory. a very conflicting memory, which they run around in my head right now. even my dreams. wanting to be heard. wanting to be lift out from the forgotten well of indonesian history. they deserve it. for them, i’m writing this and continuing this.

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